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The Inkubus Sukkubus UK Fan Site

Inkubus Sukkubus U S Fansite

Vampire Division Site

Two Old Vamps


marcus gilvear

Abigails Mercy

Record Companies/Distributors/Stockists of Inkubus Sukkubus
and other pagan/gothic music...

Resurrection Records

Resurrection Records
(recording label for Inkubus Sukkubus and others. Also carry extensive catalogue of bands not on label)

Middle Pillar Distribution
(esoteric music distribution company and online supplier based in US- stocks Inkubus Sukkubus back catalogue)

Serpentine Music

Serpentine Music
(major Pagan music distributor based in California, USA - stock I.S. back catalogue)

Spikey Black Cat

Spiky Black Cat
(recording label and promotions company)

Earth Tones Studio

Earth Tones Studios
(Pagan music store and recording studio based in Florida, USA - stock I.S. back catalogue)

Pagan Organisations...

The Pagan Federation

The Pagan Federation
(extremely together UK-based pagan organisation)
The Witches Voice
(beautifully presented information service for the modern Witch community, based in Florida, USA)

Children of Artemis



Pagan zines...


Witchcraft & Wicca magazine

Twisted Tree pagan zine
(Glos, UK-based paganism)

White Dragon pagan zine

Pagan Dawn

(the very professional organ of The Pagan Federation)

Gothic promoters...

Flag Promotions

(UK-based promotions company of goth/darkwave/industrial nights)


hermitage oils

vlad quigley

Velvet Vampyre Society

Velvet Vampyre Society

Sabretooth, Inc
(produce well-crafted vampyre aesthetics. Also previous US promoters for I.S.)


Gothic Netherlands

Gothi Limo - An Art Directory

Online psychedelic music community, featuring psytrance festivals, party info and photos, forums, chat rooms, profiles and much more


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