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The New Album

On Sale and being Shipped !

The new Inkubus Sukkubus Album is now finished.

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Love Poltergeist
The Hungry Abyss
Lips of Love
Evil Men
Faefire and Sacred Musk
At the Heart of Darkness
Do What Thou Wilt
To Bast
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This is the version that is programmed in HTML and is linked to this website,and is contantly being updated and improved from this end.


INKUBUS SUKKUBUS Reverb Nation App for Android. This is a different version, and is linked to our account at Reverb Nation. If this App proves popular we may release a version for IOS (Apple)!/inkubussukkubus/app



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As part of the run up to our Quarter Century here is the PDF to download of our Lyric Book from 1993

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