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Important News - Update!


The first batch of these had faulty discs, and initially we were going to refund everybody who bought an advance copy.

However we have been fortunate enough to secure the funds to repress the discs, so we are now able to put this back on sale. Advance copies of this CD com come with an access code for the game of the same name, however you will need to sighn up to Steam (which is free) to play the game. Hopefully fingers crossed we will have copied of this album being shipped within towards the end of May.

It is also possible if you like to have your copy shipped with the glitched original disk if you order this album in advance of the release.


Thank You for your understanding.

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Tales of Witchcraft & Wonder - The Book!



‘One of our land’s most individual and interesting Gothic folk-rock bands now proves that it can deal as

effectively with prose as music, in a mixture of stories old and new, of horror, beauty and romance, that

capture perfectly the magical and mystical heritage of one of England’s most remarkable counties.’

Professor Ronald Hutton


A woman falls under the spell of a poisonous plant.

A young man discovers a mermaid, washed up on the shore.

A mysterious body is discovered hidden in the trunk of a tree.

An orphaned ape is raised as a child in a Cotswold village.

An old man’s body is discovered on a hill, mysteriously

pinned to the ground as though believed a witch.

These are some of the folkloric tales told in the songs of Inkubus Sukkubus in their trilogy of albums,

Tales of Witchcraft & Wonder. In this book, founder members and songwriters

Candia and Tony McKormack further research the stories, to explore the meaning behind the tales – the theories, the magic,

the romance, and the horror.

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UK Price £15 (plus £2.50 P&P)

EU Price €16.65 (plus €5.55 P&P) approx

USA and Rest of the World Price$19.63 (plus $9.82 P&P) approx

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Deluxe digi-pack 2010 Edition


This is a special edition, 21 year aniversary of INKUBUS SUKKUBUS digital re-master.

Re-pressed yet again in 2019

The cover artwork is based on the original unused design concept which was impossible to produce in 1993


original concept artwork for the WYTCHES album 1993



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The 25th Album from INKUBUS SUKKUBUS

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The third and final chapter of the Inkubus Sukkubus "Horror Folk" musical triptych "Tales of Witchcraft & Wonder". "Sabrina - Goddess of the Severn" is an acoustic journey into the folklore and history of the Cotswolds and beyond. The album features 12 completely new songs, and both the original version, and a new reworking of the Classic Inkubus Sukkubus track, "Sabrina".


Track List:


1. Sabrina - Once More & Again

2. The Wych Elm's Secret

3. Garden of Pain

4. The Uley Gorilla - John Daniel

5. Datura Dreamer

6. Return to Barrow Wake

7. A Simple Girl

8. She has Fled to the Sacred Land

9. In the Dark House

10. This Bird has Flown

11. To the River a Life

12. Warrior Queen

13. Lest the Dead Return Again

14. Sabrina - Original Version


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The second part of the Inkubus Sukkubus Tales of Witchcraft and Wonder series.

11 New Tracks and 2 re-workings of Inkubus Sukkubus Classics!


Track listing:

1 Earth to Earth

2 On Meon Hill

3 There is Only the Dead Inside

4 Gallows Lane

5 Witch Hunt (still seeking Sarah)

6 Necro Maria

7 Love Spell (re-loved)

8 Belas Knap

9 Kicking Up Skirts

10 At the Gate in the Park 

11 Power of the Witch

12 The House on the Hill

13 Emerald


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As part of our Quarter Century here is the PDF to download of our Lyric Book from 1993

Click here



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