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Mr. Skull and Mr. King are pleased and honoured to be launching Skullking Records with Inkubus Sukkubus’ Melancholy Blue EP.

The track Melancholy Blue was written by Inkubus Sukkubus’ songwriter/guitarist/producer Tony McKormack in 1986 for his then band, Screaming Dead. Earmarked as their next single it was recorded, but at the time remained unreleased as The Dead imploded. That version of the track eventually surfaced on the 1993 Screaming Dead retrospective CD Bring Out Yer Dead.

Always considered a fantastic song by Mr. Skull and Mr. King, which they felt was denied its rightful release as a single, it was deemed perfect to launch Skullking Records.

Tony and Inkubus Sukkubus singer Candia were duly approached with the idea of releasing the track as a 12inch, limited edition, standalone vinyl record. Both were receptive and enthusiastic to the proposition and along with bassist Roland Link worked closely with Skullking Records on all aspects of the project.

The Melancholy Blue EP, which of course we at Skullking Records believe to be a thing of beauty on every level, will also be a real rarity. We’re keeping the one and only pressing to just 250 copies worldwide.

Musically the EP comprises four takes of Melancholy Blue.

Side A Track One is the version which originally appeared on The Goat album from 2011. This is accompanied and complemented by three new, vastly different reinterpretations, all of which were specifically created for this release.

Namely -

Melancholy Blue Gothic Americana

Melancholy Blue Dark Bubblegum Melodrama

Melancholy Blue Fallen Angel Reprise

Artistically, in keeping with the track’s origin, Tony’s sleeve design features his original 1986 drawing which was to have been used on the Screaming Dead single release. Each sleeve has been hand-numbered and comes enclosed in a protective plastic dust cover which features a specifically designed Inkubus Sukkubus sticker. The inner sleeve features a unique Inkubus Sukkubus hand-stamped design and the 12inch is completed with an eight-page booklet. Initial copies have also been signed by the band.

Oh, and did we mention it’s on stunning BLUE VINYL?

The amount of pre-sales enquires we’ve received have led us to believe that this release will soon be snapped up and spirited away into Inkubus Sukkubus’ fans collections.

Another incentive to act quickly (as if one was needed) is that Tony has kindly donated all the EP’s original artwork - ten pieces in all, including the front cover and label designs – as prizes in a draw. The names of the first 150 people to buy a copy of the EP will automatically be entered. That’s a 1 in 15 chance of receiving a stunning piece of artwork, unless of course you buy more copies of the EP and then your chances increase exponentially!

Good Luck,

Mr. Skull & Mr. King.


Front and Back

Stamped bag and label details

Optional Badge (limited to 150)


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Below are the pieces of artwork which are in the draw all are originals